The Ultimate Guide to Treasure Hunting in Boston

Online shopping may have been a lifesaver this past year, but nothing beats the feeling of searching for—and finding—a hidden jewel or treasure. The coveting. The chase. The discovery. The adrenaline rush. And then—ka-ching! From […]

Visit Our New Showroom at 32 Main Street

Visit our new showroom located at 32 Main Street here in Essex, MA. While we still hold hundreds of antiques in our shop, we’ve expanded to an additional 4,000 square feet filled with newly acquired, […]

Antique Furniture Essex

Essex Massachusetts has established itself as the antiques capital of New England and hosts one of the highest concentrations of antique stores and sellers in the country. With so many shops and dealers to choose […]

Massachusetts Antiques

Essex Massachusetts is a nationally recognized location for all things antique. With so many different options of antique stores and avenues through which to acquire fine antiques, some buyers may be confused as to where […]