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David Neligan Antiques was established in 1992 in Essex, Massachusetts as one of the foremost purveyor of fine antiques in the surrounding area. The knowledgeable staff, including Mr. Neligan, are experts on just about every piece that comes through the store, and are known for being informative and helpful. Each individual antique is appraised and restored if necessary, and then sold to discerning antique collectors from all over the United States. The physical store is located in Essex, a town most known for housing a high concentration of antique sellers and stores. David Neligan Antiques is distinguished from all others by housing a large inventory and having accommodating and skilled staff. For those desiring to shop antiques Boston, the store is just over 45 minutes from The City on a Hill. David Neligan Antiques also has a location at Market Stalls in the Boston Design Center.

David Neligan Antiques is singular in that—while they may stock a multitude of styles and time periods of pieces—the store has an emphasis on 17th and 18th century European and English furnishings and decorative art. Mr. Neligan himself is known to have an almost superhuman insight into antique decorative pieces and furnishings. Additionally, he is a bonded and licensed auctioneer.

This antique store also offers an impressive and high-quality collection of antique Asian art pieces and furniture from varying eras. Discerning buyers can find antique mirrors, tapestries and wall art, tables, lighting, traveling case pieces, bookcases, ceramics, silver and even more. Anyone desiring to have their personal antiques appraised, restored and possibly sold are welcome to make an appointment to come by the shop, or call in with questions.

Other avenues through which to acquire antiques Boston from this store include Avery & Dash Collections in Stamford Connecticut, the Boston Design Center, and online.

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