Antique Furniture Essex

Essex Massachusetts has established itself as the antiques capital of New England and hosts one of the highest concentrations of antique stores and sellers in the country. With so many shops and dealers to choose from, visiting collectors may not know which one has the largest inventory, the most knowledge and experience, and the widest variety of time periods and countries of origin. For dealers in search of all of these qualities, and also antique furniture Essex, David Neligan Antiques is the only answer. Mr. Neligan established the store in 1992 out of a deep passion for fine antique furnishings and decorative pieces. He became a licensed and bonded auctioneer which, combined with his encyclopedic knowledge of antique pieces, made him the best possible authority on, and dealer of, antiques. Seasoned collectors and casual buyers from all over New England and the United States should know that David Neligan Antiques is the first place to go for high quality and beautifully restored antique items.

The expert team, including Mr. Neligan himself, appraises and restores every one of the over 100,000 antique treasures that they have handled throughout their 35 years of business. Though the store has a particular speciality in dealing with furniture and decorative items from 17th and 18th century Europe and England, they house fine antiques from varying time periods and nations of origin. David Neligan Antiques has a unique and stunning collection of pieces from a few countries around Eastern Asia that are sure to excite discerning collectors.

The physical location of David Neligan Antiques is in Essex, but they also have antique furniture Essex for sale at the Boston Design Center in Boston, and Avery & Dash Collections in Stamford Connecticut. You are also welcome to peruse the entire precious inventory online from the comfort of your own home.



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